Carnitas and Carol

Last night for The Walking Dead, I made pork Carnitas from Gimme Some Oven (one of my favorite recipe blogs). I love being able to throw food in my crock pot and leave it until it’s ready to eat. In the recipe it called for shredding the meat and placing in the oven to broil for the final step. By the end of the day I wasn’t wanting to do any extra steps but thank god I followed the instructions because they became soooooooo crispy!!! They were perfectly crispy and melt in your mouth amazing! I served them on whole wheat tortillas from Aldi, with some organic Mexican shredded cheese I also get from the A, lime wedges, onions, lots of cilantro and siracha. The pork butt roast only cost me $10 for about 3.5 lbs from Publix. I love this recipe and next time will be making it when we don’t have company so we can have all the leftovers to ourselves đŸ™‚ This fed 5 people having two full tacos each! Of course I accidentally left the crock pot on warm all night with the leftover juices because, well i’ll blame daylight savings but after everyone left I didn’t touch a dish and went straight to bed. The house didn’t burn down and all is well. Here is the mouthwatering set up.


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