Sometimes you need a day… or a few to just let whatever emotion is trying to hit, hit. I haven’t been writing or cooking and today I lost it and had to surrender to a day of “nothing”. A day where I let the shitty feelings sink in and just be. A night of watching Shameless, cuddling with my boys and sipping on a margarita was all I needed. I was able to come out of my bleh mood long enough to throw together some Cajun sausage and rice 

This was the leftovers after two whole bowls were devoured. Basically take two polka kielbasa sausages from Aldi, cut into quarters, sautée in a pan while your rice is cooking to the side (I used brown) then cut two bell peppers and an onion on the side to throw in with the sausage once browned. Add about 10oz of crushed tomatoes and as much Cajun seasoning as you like, salt to taste and eat up this easy comfort meal in your favorite house frump! Learning to embrace the mess… hopefully sooner than later, cause that’s where life really happens. 


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