Tacos and the dead 

We skipped our normal Walking Dead night last night since my boyfriend was out of town and the Oscars were on. Have to say I LOVED the way hollywood made a stand in its own way. I know people are opposed to stars having a say or a voice but I don’t know when choosing who gets to speak their mind became a thing but it’s a bunch of BS if you ask me. Anyways last night for a sweet tooth fix I made homemade chocolate candies. I used pecans, sweetened shredded coconut, hymalayan salt and marshmallows in different mixes to make different bite size squares. So to make them I added about a table spoon of coconut oil to a sauce pan, then 3/4 a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips from Aldi. I mixed it together until melted all the way. I spooned a teaspoon into my silicone cube trays and added whatever filling I felt I wanted (named above) then scooped another teaspoon over. There was enough chocolate for only thin squares for the next tray which actually turned out better for grab and go. The thick squares were hard to bite into and I didn’t give enough thought to filling/chocolate ratio. All in all they are good to enjoy a quick chocolate fix. (I placed the cubes in the freezer for maybe 30. The big cubes were tought to get out so maybe follow a more calculated recipe than mine)

Tonight though for Walking Dead I made Cilantro Lime Chicken which took me 10minutes at the most to throw in my slow cooker and all I did when I was ready to serve was add shredded queso blanco and spicy mayo. I added leftover lettuce cups to my tortilla but the boys opted for no veggies and still enjoyed them. I highly recommend some tequila to go  along with these delicious tacos. My favorite margarita recipe is 2 limes, one shot of any silver or “blanco” tequila and one shot patron citronage, 3/4 shot of simple syrup (make your own by boiling water and sugar, I don’t measure just taste it or look it up) shake it up with ice or if you lost your shaker, like I did, stir it and throw in some ice and top off with pink Himalayan salt. Enjoy!!


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