Two weeks comin at ya!!

Sorry it has taken so long! Here is a two week meal plan. We skipped Monday because we went to my boyfriends sisters BBQ, and I made Pineapple Hawaiin Chicken from Lemontree Dwelling the next day instead of Cilantro Lime Chicken from Belle of the Kitchen because we had buns that I needed to use. This is how it happens in our house, as long as I have the ingredients I’ll switch things around to make sure nothing gets bad. I also made the Hawaiin Chicken instead of the Mojo Pork because I didn’t like the pork I saw at the store. Basically I just buy everything, and make meals as much as possible as scheduled, but if freshness or hostessing calls for a change I will switch it up. The two week meal plan cost me about $150 at the most. I’m guesstimating because I had some of the ingredients already. I buy most of my veggies at Aldi because they have organic options and are very inexpensive. Enjoy the pictures and stay hungry, just not hangry!!

Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps! I added ginger while cooking the beef and a little Queso Blanco I had in the fridge. I used organic baby carrots, yellow bell pepper, cucumber from Aldi for my pickled veggies. I threw in some purple cabbage from Publix chopped super thin. I love the Boston Lettuce cups from Aldi because they hold well and are a little fancier than a head of Iceburg Lettuce. I also end up throwing the rest of the Iceburg away after a few days when it goes bad. 

Here’s the Pineapple Chicken with some Boars Head Vermont Sharp Cheddar on a Publix fresh bakery bun. I used the same purple cabbage from the wraps and chopped it thin with some oil and vinegar and a small squirt (hate that word) of Krafts Olive Oil Mayo. My boyfriend hates mayonnaise but he was ok with this one. I didn’t love how sweet the chicken was, but we had company and I couldn’t add as much spice as I think would have been good. I added a shake of Pepper Flakes (from Aldi) but would have added more. I also used Simply Natural Orange and Pineapple juice so that could have been what made it too sweet. This recipe made enough for 5 big sandwiches already and I have a lot more chicken to use. I definitely recommend it for game nights! Alright, I need to sign off before I get deeper into this episode of Nashville.


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