Cheesesteak Quesadillas and my jiggly belly

Today I went down to the gym for day two of a workout routine I used to do. I was so excited until I got there and saw a super fit chick working out and immediately wanted to yell, “I look like this cause I had a baby two months ago OK!!!!” She probably took two looks at me the whole time and most likely didn’t even care. I however started being so mean to myself especially when my shirt would ride up from doing mountain climbers and reveal my less than toned belly. It took me a while but about half way through my routine I put some Girl Talk on and handled my shit trying to be proud of the fact I was even at the gym. I don’t want to rush this time and simply focus on the goal of being toned again, I just want to be proud that Im trying to be strong for my family and to workout some of the crazy bitch that takes over when I do nothing. Im working on it! Anyways heres todays meal!! Enjoy!

These Quesadillas from Easy Peasy Pleasy were so easy and filling. They also cost about $10 to make 3 big portions. I used cubed steak instead of sirloin which made them thicker but is more cost effective. I think I would have used two tortillas next time instead of folding them over, but again that might be because of the thickness of the steak I used. I will definitely be making this again.


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