Let me introduce myself…


My name is Marla. I am a new mother of a 2month old baby boy, and I live in South Florida with my boyfriend. I have only “blogged” one other time in my life, and that was when I was in Africa for a month. I have always wanted to blog again, but more because I like sharing my opinion and thoughts since I think they are more valuable and unique than they actually are. In this blog though, I am going to just share my meal plans and the recipes I have found on Pinterest that have gotten me through the last couple months of pregnancy, to present day. My stomach is to thank for starting this journey, because it was sick of me coming home from work at 6month pregnant wishing there was food or at least the promise of a yummy filling meal at some point that evening. Instead I would come home around 5, throw myself on the couch and watch Chopped Junior while my boyfriend threw snacks at me trying to calm the hangry beast I had become. Being on your feet for 6 hours not being able to eat a full meal equals a very hungry, tired, angry, lost pregnant woman. One evening, while watching Chopped, I was inspired to put together a sloppy plan of what I would shop for and cook the following week. I felt ambitious, put together, and most of all hungry. Pinterest got me through week after week as I began to have fun finding new yummy recipes, and ways to apologize to my boyfriend for my hungry behavior. Eventually I stopped working and the meal planing was even more fun because I had time to make new and exciting recipes. I told my sister (who has two kids) what I was doing, she just laughed at the luxury of time I had to sit and dig through Pinterest while waiting for my baby to come out. She was right! It would take me at least 45 minutes to just sit there and search through recipes alone, then make the grocery lists, and actually go do the shopping. Ive been successfully meal planning for about 6 months now, and I would like to share just what I am doing week to week so that anyone who doesn’t have extra time to get lost in the Pinterest world can find and put togther a meal plan for their families or even for my single friends out there who are killing it in the office, you need good food to come home to as well! I will be providing my weekly meal plans, which lately I have been doing two weeks ahead because I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING, especially with a baby. I shop at Aldis and Publix since there are specific things I prefer from each store which I will share with you. I also will be pricing out the meals so if there is a week you need less expensive meals then you can pick those. I have hesitated starting a meal plan blog because there are so many better ones out there that will have better pictures, more clean and organized layouts, more precise plans with nutritional facts. I am not going to be that for you (but I do envy those bloggers). What I will be is a messy, not all the ingredients, screw it we’re eating a frozen pizza blog that will hopefully bring some relief and help when you feel less than capable. I complained to my boyfriend that my pictures were not going to be nice like other blogs because our kitchen lighting is great for cooking but not for my BBQ Chicken sandwich to do a photo shoot. He simply asked, “Isn’t that the point?” and he’s right. The pictures you get will not be doctored, I will not clean up around them. As you will see below, if my coffee table has an empty cookie container and game box from boys night, I will leave it there. I hope you will find relief, a laugh  and more importantly yummy recipes to fill your bellies and more time to enjoy family and friends.


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